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Montessori Movement in Latvia

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The first Montessori teachers in Latvia has started they path to transformative education more than 30 years ago. They were working with opened eyes, fascinating for new approach to change the life of children. In that time teachers used that method more for children with disabilities and other health or mental problems, therefore, they gained the Help pedagogic diplomas in Munich. During that time, Munich was known for its combined courses for Montessori teachers. They had an opportunity to see how to work both with regular child and child with different disabilities. There was no such information in Latvia in the beginning of 90s. Teachers were making the materials by their hands and offering help to each other to share the knowledge further.

As the global tendency for alternative education grown, Latvian teachers were also interested in adding something new to their practices.

This is when the boom of Montessori schools appeared. During the 2005-2020 more than 20 preschools with name Montessori were opened, more than 25, one hour classes and lots of different with "Montessori elements" places.

In 2018 the first AMI course for Teacher assistants has taken place in Riga, following two more course in the upcoming years.

The Latvian Montessori Fund and Latvian Montessori Association has united to support local community.

This organizations have translated two Montessori books: The absorbent mind, The child in the family.

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